Vehicle access control and security bollards
Retractable bollards and
Access control systems


Thanks to our access control solutions, we have a positive impact on the budget constraints of all companies, sensitive sites, cities and regional authorities by meeting everyone’s needs.

> Offer a high level resistance

> Reduce maintenance & operating costs and wearning parts stock

> Improve the performance and the secury of your installation

> Guarantee a high level operating rate for the best securisation of sites

> Easy to install, commission and maintain.

Patented innovation

Extreme performance

Reduction of your maintenance budget

3-5 year warranty

2011 : Patent application for a electric retractable bollard > eCitadine, eProtection.

2018  : Application for a new patent and launch of another electric bollard > eCiteco.

Opt for the key values of our electric retractable bollard

Specialising in the  manufacture of electrically-motorised retractable bollards, BES offers innovative and unique solutions patented in France, Europe and United-States. The innovation was the subject of a digital crash test simulation, carried out by a specialized design office in the United States.

patented design and motorisation

> The strong points 

 Very high resistance, continues working after being hit

 Reduce maintenance budget (preventive and corrective)

 Very high operating rate thanks to Brushless motorisation

 High speed of movement (less than 3 sec)

 The thickest bollard casing on the market (stell 10 mm)

 Chain transmission corrosion-resistant and Brushless motorisation from industrial robotics

 Numerous security devices

 Warranty 3 to 5 years (depending on model)

A CONCEPT BASED ON 3 unique features

chain transmission

Very high resistant and unbreakable chain
No need to replacement

Unique 2 parts casing

Compartment motorisation is removed from the impact zone : continuity of operating after being hit 

Very efficient motorisation

High performance and reliability
motor drive

main models based on this patented design


eciteco bollard

Height 600 mm
Resistance 121 kJ
Warranty 3 years

ecitadine bollard

Height 600 mm
Resistance 150 to 661 kJ
Warranty 5 years

choosing bes, means opting for…

Specialist in retractable bollard

And urban access control

A french manufacturer

A 1400 m2 factory facility :
mechanical, electrotechnical and machining workshop

A design office for everyday innovation

Unique & patented designs

A knowledgeable partner

from design to follow-up : for access control projets

A full system offer

Retractable bollards, control units and access control software
Customisation for you projects

Very long warranties

Guarantee of quality