Vehicle access control and security bollards
Retractable bollards and
Access control systems

Greater Lyon : Urban community (France)

> The Greater Lyon, one of the largest French urban areas, relies on the high resistance and performance of our equipment to resolve its various urban access control issues. BES has equipped and upgraded many sites in the town centre and in the urban community with electric retractable bollards.

> The purpose of the installation are varied :

  • Mark off a pedestrian area and pedestrian streets
  • Mark off a taxi stand
  • Regulate traffic flows
  • Secure sensitive sites for example the approaches to places of worship

Today, there are more than 100 BES bollards connected to access control furniture : control boxes or access control totems with traffic lights. 

Electric retractable bollards installed

Technical access control furniture : it houses the controller for the bollard, access management equipment (intercom, printer etc.)

Installation of 2 electric retractable bollards

“Porte de la Villette” taxi stand

Pedestrianisation of “Saint-Jean quarter”
in the heart of the historic centre “Vieux-Lyon”