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Hydraulic retractable bollard hCiteco

Automatic and reliable solution for a moderate budget

The hCiteco bollard is an automatic retractable bollard with hydraulic transmission designed by BES. Depending on technical contraints or the frequency of use, it is available in remoted or integrated hydraulic power plant.

More economical than our range of electrically-motorised bollards, it is perfectly suited for use in residential and urban environments. BES hydraulic retractable offers dissuasive, pratical and automatic access control solutions which enables additions of control features (badge, call button, remote etc.)

Resistance : high
With formwork : 50 kJ (namely a 2 t vehicle launched at 25 km/h)
Without formwork : 100 kJ (namely a 2 t vehicle launched at 35 km/h)
Use : Moderate to high
Application : urban access control / car park / residence

Strengths :

  • Control of your investment budget
  • Operating rate : 1500 to 3000 movements/ day
  • Continuity of operation after being hit
  • Simplified and limited maintenance : upkeep about 2h/ year

Guarantee : 1 year

Dimensions and technical data

Sectional view – hCiteco bollard

> French manufacturing
> Complies with standards NFP 98-310 and PMR (People with Reduced Mobility).