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electric retractable bollard

Protect demanding environments

The eProtection is an automatic retractable bollard with electric motorization, which responds to high security issues in places with high traffic or at risk. It is able to absorb a higher impact energy than the eCitadine model, and is easier to install than eSecurity.

Resistance : Extreme – 1223 kJ  (namely a 7.5 t vehicle launched at 65 kph)
Use : high
Application : anti-ram vehicles, high protection, defense of demanding or risky sites

Strengths :

  • Powerful electric motorisation from industrial robotics
  • Very high security of sensitive places
  • Reduce your maintenance budget (on average by 3, compared to a third-party electric bollard)
  • Continuity of operation after being hit

Guarantee : 5 years

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Dimensions & Technical data

Sectional view – eProtection bollard

> Patented concept
> French manufacturing
> Complies with standards NFP 98-310 and PMR (People with Reduced Mobility) and international electrical standards UL/ CSA.