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Electric retractable bollard

Our automatic and electric retractable bollards are our “best sellers”. This range has been designed to meet access control and security applications. Resistant type, BES bollard is distinguished by an innovative design and motorization, giving it 2 major advantages :

  • High resistance guaranteeing continuity of operation after an impact, without any major consequence on the structure and the engine..
  • Reduction in the preventive and corrective maintenance budget after being hit.

Patented innovation

Extreme performance

Reduction of your maintenance budget

3-5 year warranty

eCiteco bollard

Optimize your urban security

The eCiteco is an automatic retractable bollard with electric motorization. It is a variation of our eCitadine model, designed to strengthen the offer of electric retractable bollard. It offers a high level of quality while meeting the technical, budgetary and security needs of a project. It is perfectly suited for prioritizing pedestrian access, delimiting a regulated access area or even regulating traffic flows in residential or urban areas.

Resistance : high – 121 kJ
Applications : urban access control, parking, residential

eCitadine bollard

Opt for a high resistance solution

The eCitadine is an automatic retractable bollard with electric motorization, which is mainly designed to respond to a high frequency of use. With its high operating rate and resistance level, it is perfectly suited to access control needs in urban areas, to secure the entrance to a busy area, limit vehicle traffic and prioritize pedestrian access in complete safety.

Resistance : very high – 150 kJ to 661 kJ (depending on model)
Applications : urban access control, parking, anti-ram vehicles

eProtection bollard

Protecting demanding environments

The eProtection is an automatic retractable bollard with an electric motorization that addresses high-security issues in busy or at-risk areas. It is capable of withstanding impact energy until 1223 kJ, more than the eCitadine bollard, and, as it can be more easily adapted to your installation than the eSecurity bollard.

Resistance : extreme – 1223 kJ 
Applications : anti-ram vehicles , anti-intrusion

eSEcurité bollard

Opt for the highest strength

The eSécurité is an automatic retractable bollard which offers the greatest resistance an security of all bollards in our range. Taller (1,000 mm) and more efficient than the other bollards in the BES range, its role is to secure high-risk and/or very busy environments that may be subject to deliberate or unintentional acts of vandalism.

Resistance : extreme – 1860 kJ
Applications : anti-ram vehicles, high protection, defence

> French manufacturing
> French, European and American patent
> Complies with standards
NFP 98 310
PMR (People with Reduced Mobility) International electrical standards CSA / UL.

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