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Retractable bollards and
Access control systems

BES expertise

30 years of experience

The company BORNES ESCAMOTABLES & SYSTÈMES represents the culmination of over 30 years of experience acquired by its creator in companies that are leaders in France in the urban access control market.
The manager Jean-Bernard Lafont, has held key positions over the years, enabling him to gain a perfect understanding of customer needs, in particular cities and authorities.

That’s why the BES brand was born with the strong desire to be specialized in the design and manufacture of unique retractable bollards meeting high requirements and reducing operating costs.

BES specialises in the manufacture of resistant type and automatic bollards to resolve vehicles access control and security issues.

from design to follow-up

A design office for everyday innovation

> Looking to  the future, our project engineers aim to provide the best solutions to the technical, esthetic, budgetary and security devices issues of its clients.

> With our experience, our project engineers focused its energy and research on electrically-operated automatic bollards.
We decided to develop a concept design which led us to file 2 patents (in France, in USA and for part of Europe).

Mechanical and electrotechnical workshops

Our access control furniture are manufactured, assembled and tested in our premises in FRANCE.

> Assembly of bollards
> Electrical wiring of access control terminal
> Packing and shipping of furniture

Support team for installation, commissioning and maintenance

In order to support you on the implementation and monitoring of projets, we can deliver remote assistance (phone call or email) or on-site through installers and companies specializing in the electrical and automation fields.

Sales team for your access control projet

> Which bollard to choose ? Which users identification to choose ? How to set up control access furniture ? etc.
Implementing an access control project requires asking the right questions.

> Our mission is to advice you from analysis to the successful implementation of your project.

Jean-Bernard LAFONT  I  CEO
Frédéric LAIR I Sales Manager 

Our team supports you in the study and implementation of your project.