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BES has been selected for the TCSP project of Nîmes Métropole

Apr 6, 2016 | New projects

With the satisfactory experience of BES retractable bollards installed in the city of Nîmes, the urban community of Nîmes Métropole also places its trust in Bornes Escamotables & Systèmes.

As part of the Tram’Bus T1 line extension project, BES is supplying 16 automatic electric bollards, 5 semi-automatic bollards and 13 pieces of access control equipment.

The Tram’Bus mode of transport, between the tram and the bus, is an alternative to the classic rail tram, which meets higher capacity needs and represents a larger budget.

Since 2012, Nîmes Métropole, which manages the “Tango” public transport network, has already committed to solutions that are more respectful of the environment, more peaceful for residents, more practical and economical for users. The extension of the TCSP (Common Site Transport) around the historic city center of Nîmes, the commissioning of which is scheduled for the end of 2016, follows this logic.

The BES bollards are being installed. To be continued…!

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