Vehicle access control and security bollards
Retractable bollards and
Access control systems

Access management solutions

Centralise, supervise and secure your facilities 

Technical supervision

Manage your installations of automatic bollards

Our technical supervision touch screen is a remote and/or local management tool for your installations of retractable bollards via an Ethernet connection.

Among other things, it allows you to access the operating and maintenance functions of an access control system (viewing all bollards and their status, free access programming, help with troubleshooting etc.)

Centralized management system

Centralize and supervise your access controls

Many communities and companies often have a large number of control access furniture, peripherals and systems to manage and control. In partnership with software providers and specialized suppliers in connected mobility, we currently offer centralised and dematerialised solution to optimize access management in urban en private environments. 

Web access management solutions are studied and suggested according to your needs, the type and technical constraints of the project.