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The two-colour signalling lights is a safety access device for a site with one or more automatic bollards. It warns the users and the motorists of the danger of an obstacle on the road.

Functions :
The bollard is not always visible from his vehicle, hence the interest and the obligation to install a means of signaling the authorization or prohibition to cross the bollard.

Operation :
Red Light > Crossing ban
Bollard in movement, Bollard in high position, Bollard ready to mount

Flashing orange light > Crossing authorized with caution
Bollard in low position

Strengths :

  • Security : protects access for a moderate budget
  • Compact : reduced size facilitating installation in all types of context and environment.
  • Adaptable : can be combined with an installation with a street box and can receive various control devices : badge reader, code keypad for example (on study).

Dimensions & technical data

Dimensions :
Height 1500 mm
Diameter ø 140 mm

Installation :

Simple two-color light = 1 direction of traffic (entry or exit)
Two-color double light = 2 traffic directions

It is generally installed upstream of the bollard.
Fixing on supplied anchor rods

example : signalling lights in situation

Optional firefighter access device

Optional code keypad

Access control site with 1 hCiteco hydraulic bollard, a street box and a traffic light