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Access control systems

Street box

Group the terminal control devices

The street box is a technical access control furniture which, like our Sitaccess totem, intended to group together equipment required to manage access via electrically, hydraulically or pneumatically-operated retractable bollards.

Functions :

  • 1 – Control 1 or more retractable bollards by integrating technical, automation and control devices (dependind on projet) :

– Technical center to control 1 to 3 or 4 to 6 hydraulic bollards
– Control logic to control 1 to 5 electric bollords
– Technical center to control 1 to 2 pneumatic bollards

  • 2 – Identifies users by allowing them to operate the terminal by various control means (remote control, mobile phone, bagde, device security for emergency services etc.)

Strengths :

  • An extension with opening facilitates the installation of cables.
  • On the upper part of the box, a sloping roof allows the evacuation of rainwater.
  • Two locks effectively lock the door to enhance the security of the box.
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Dimensions & technical data

Dimensions (h) x (w) x (d) :
600 x 600 x 300 mm
800 x 800 x 300 mm
Other dimensions available

Installation :
It is generally installed outdoors on a concrete base, against a building facade or in a dedicated room with protection.
Chemical anchor fixing.

Example : in situation

Optional fire-fighter security system

Street box to control 1 hCiteco hydraulic bollard